Price List

An exhibition audit price depends on the event net space (sq.m.).

For the RUEF members:

Sq.m. Price for 1 sq.m. (net) *
up to 2,000 19.26 RUB
2,000-5,000 16.69 RUB
5,000-10,000 12.84 RUB
from 10,000 9.00 RUB

For non-members of the RUEF:

Sq.m. Price for 1 sq.m. (net) *
up to 2,000 38.52 RUB
2,000-5,000 33.38 RUB
5,000-10,000 25.68 RUB
from 10,000 18.00 RUB

The listed prices were confirmed at the General Meeting of the RUEF members.

Audit Price Calculator:

Approximate exhibition net space (sq.m.)
Mandatory electronic visitor registration**
RUEF membership

* The prices are listed exclusive of VAT.

** In case of mandatory electronic registration, all visitors must receive unique name badges. The registered visitor database is verified by random phone calls.

*** An approximate audit price is calculated. As to the regional exhibitions, the price does not include transportation and accommodation costs with the exception of cities where the auditor’s branches are located.