Calculator of Effective Participation in Exhibition

To make your exhibition participation effective, the calculator will assist you in determining the optimal stand size as well as in evaluating the investment component of this market channel. It will help estimate your costs and revenues, and your likely ROI* from participation.

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Here is an example of initial data input.

Please answer the following questions and insert your answers in the proper calculator fields. All the fields have to be filled out for the estimation.

Probable number of visitors interested in your subject
What number of contacts do you plan to obtain at the stand?
The price of an average contact, K RUB
What percentage of contacts with your potential clients end up with contracts? %
What is the average percentage of margin in your industry? %
The number of operation days of the exhibition
Purchasing frequency of an average client during six months
Price of 1 sq.m. of the exhibition space, RUB
Goods exposition space, sq.m.
Support area space, sq.m.
Reception space, sq.m.
Costs to prepare for the exhibition (advertising materials, transportation and customs costs, meals and entertainment expenses), K RUB


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Participation costs: 0
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