Regulations for Calculation and Control of Exhibition Visitors

1. Standards for Calculation/Qualitative Analysis of Visitors

Obligatory calculation of:

  • total number of visitors
  • number of national visitors
  • number of foreign visitors
  • percentage of specialist visitors/trade visitors of the total number of visitors
  • The qualitative composition of visitors, in particular specialist visitors, is determined by questionnaires. Questionnaire survey is carried out for all visitors or by sampling.

    Survey Sample Size depends on the total number of visitors and on the demanded accuracy of the analysis.

    Surveys must be conducted during all operating days of the event. The questionnaire questions must be stated very clearly. Having been collected, the filled out questionnaires are processed by computers.

    Upon the organizer’s request, additional questions concerning qualitative parameters not listed in the obligatory standards can be included into the questionnaire. All details have to be discussed with the auditor in advance.

    The number of visitors can be determined with a different degree of accuracy. It depends on conditions set for data calculation.

    2. Data Accuracy Degree:

    Maximum Accuracy of Visitors Calculation:

    - to check the electronic registration system;
    - to check visitor database for duplication;
    - to check the credibility of visitor database by random phone calls to the visitors.

    High Accuracy of Visitors Calculation

    Sufficient Accuracy of Visitors Calculation